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Here’s five things that will help you make up your mind

1. If you are in a fast and furious sector eg Temp Drivers, then it’s unlikely the Transport Manager is going to check out your blog. However, your drivers are your marketing so concentrate on attracting them eg via Facebook. So less market intelligence boasts and more candidates to be your advocates. Testimonials on your web site will help do the trick.

2. Search firm or niche recruiter? You better show that you know your sh:t. So facts, figures and articles blogged, posted and sent via email will give your target audience confidence in your ability to help them at some point. And “some point” is the key here – it’s a long term constant tactic.

3. Use LinkedIn for what it is good for – background information. Checking out your target for what they post, what things they ‘like’ and where they have worked will help defrost any business development call pretty quickly. Remember the old saying “It’s all about them”. Be interested not interesting.

4. Stop looking for instant engagement and quick wins. Connecting on LinkedIn and then asking for a vacancy within 24 hours will make you look cheap. Build multiple contacts in one business and spread the word around consistently. Recruitment is a “vote for me” campaign.

5. Get chatty and let people see your personality. Sterile posts seldom outscore the chatty ones. Comment on your targets posts. Big them up. Be friendly and supportive. Drop your guard occasionally but keep your opinions to yourself. recruitment training optionsLet people feel that they “know you”.


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