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I’ve been lucky enough to have had a good career in recruitment and many years of that as an advisor to recruitment firms. It seems to me that since the recession of 2008/9 we have been too accepting of lower fees, less retainers, more multiple agency assignments and generally cutting our cloth to suit the (perceived) market. The main reason being, post-recession, the clients were fewer and less loose with their money.

We’ll guess what? That’s over seven years ago. What’s happened in that time? The candidate shortage has got worse and in some markets much, much worse. So in effect we are now working harder and more creatively to supply more sought after people for less money with more competitors for what we do and less chance of success! That doesn’t seem right to me.

It’s time we raised the bar once more and toughened up, sharpened up and bucked the trend. More thoughts to follow on this subject next month. In the meantime please give this some thought. What would even 20% more revenue do for you?