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Many recruitment businesses have difficulty attracting their own staff but most struggle to retain them. Why is this?

While there is no silver bullet answers these 5 things will definitely reduce attrition and maintain retention.

Lead By Consistency  I’ve seen too many recruitment firms let their maverick top biller get away with murder yet beat up the Steady Eddie for missing one KPI. That sends out a message that billing and fee revenue is all that counts in the business. That leads people to think you don’t care about them.

Don’t Have Favourites Instil a culture of performance improvement measures for all. It is sometimes easy to give the top performers lip service while micro managing your under performers. Which would you prefer? Everyone to raise their game by 10% or just the under performers? Think about how this would affect your business and increase the sense of “team”.

Introduce Flexibility With Accountability Recruitment as we know is far from 9-5. So don’ expect your staff to work evenings and weekends in their own time for your business while keeping them to 9-5 in the office. Allow genuine flexibility of both work hours and work place. Start trusting your staff by holding them accountable for measurable actions.

Have An Internal Career Path  Keep the ambition focussed and firing on all cylinders while allowing the less ambitious a safe haven. People’s priorities change over time so ensure your culture embraces those changes.

Offer On Tap Flexible    Learning People need a variety of ways to increase their knowledge, skills and results. Find mentors for the key components of your staff job descriptions including your CRM System, social media marketing, candidate control, fee negotiation and business development. These five examples are unlikely to have one mentor. After all your top sales person may not be the best advocate for using your CRM System. Identifying excellence in your team and involving individuals by becoming a mentor significantly boosts self-esteem for them and offers others fantastic support. Not every business has the time or in-house knowledge to support everyone on everything and that’s where external training both live and online comes into its own. ku.dos as an example can support all of your team via its 24/7 online training platform www.kudos.training

This article was written by Warren Kemp your guide throughout www.kudos.training If you have any questions you can contact Warren on 07976 828 637