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Recruitment is evolving at a rapid pace in today’s workplace as it keeps up with the changing digital environment.  As social media and digital platforms become immersed into all aspects of work and leisure, recruitment has embraced this as much as any other industry.

So what’s changed in recruitment?  Social media is now a vital tool in the recruitment process with half of companies now openly using social media to recruit new employees in the past six years while 84% of companies include the medium in the overall recruitment strategy.  The industry however is just catching up with the audience with 70% of 18-34 year olds sourcing employment through a social media channel.

It’s not just the channels that are evolving though – how recruiters, candidates and companies view information is clearly going one way: mobile.  A massive 90% of job seekers see mobile as crucial to their job search while more than 1 BILLION job searches are carried out on mobile devices every month.  The importance of having a mobile responsive website has never been higher.

It’s also all about making the process for recruiters smarter, slicker and more efficient.  And that’s where artificial intelligence or AI comes in.  Its already being used in the form of chatbots on websites where questions from candidates are being answered through AI, saving time and effort for recruiters and that is clearly a big bonus for the recruitment industry and where key players in recruitment see the future.  Eighty per cent of executives believe that AI can improve productivity in the recruitment process.

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