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Every year you should be increasing your fee income as a recruiter.
(I should add that maintaining the same revenue is ok if you are taking on additional responsibilities or if you want to work less hours for the same result).

So, let’s say that this year’s target is a big challenge eg a 33.3% increase. One thing is for sure. If you do things the same way as you did last year you are extremely unlikely to hit it.

Here are some things that could help.

Evaluate what it was you did last year to get last year’s results i.e. Number of vacancies worked, number of CV’s sent speculatively, CV’s sent to a vacancy, how many client visits, average phone times, interview to acceptance ratio, margins/fees, bookings to fill ratio, revenue per client and so on.

Then take that information into account when making changes that could include:
• Increasing your fees/margin for new clients
• Maintaining your fees for existing clients in return for more vacancies/exclusivity
• Get more vacancies from existing clients
• Work more sites/departments across a client’s business
• Only work roles where your chances of success are high (working a role alongside nine other recruiters only gives you a ten percent chance of success)
• Increase your phone time by a third
• Put a third more people in the ring for every opportunity
• Get every candidate a third more interviews
• Visit clients more often
• Increase the number of contacts you have in every client/potential client company

Why not use this article as a discussion piece in your office and make 2017 your best yet.