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Does ku.dos cover every aspect of the recruitment process?

It really is the A-Z of training for recruiters. It covers everything from choosing your market and gaining a vacancy, through to sourcing candidates and ensuring they don’t just get the job, but stay onboard too.

Do I have to follow each session in order?

You can dip in and out as you want, perhaps for example, when you are at a crucial point in a live assignment. You can watch and re-watch them as often as you want. In addition, each session in the member area has a live timeline function so you can go to headline chapters within a session.

How much time should I set aside if I were to watch all the sessions?

Simply viewing them will take around twenty hours. To get the best from them, you should complete the projects and exercises, too. Ultimately, it is about how much time you want to invest in your career.

Can I get access to the scripts and phrases other than seeing them on screen?

The programme is designed to be paused at any point. You can use your print screen function on your keyboard and then transfer into a Word document.

I run a team of recruiters. How will I get the best out of ku.dos?

Watch the films yourself first. Offer trainees some of your own thoughts on the key points in the session they are about to view and ensure that you print off a workbook for each person to complete. This will give you a document for discussion, as well as investigating what they have learned and how much they have retained. Depending on your preference, you can watch the material together in a training room, or set a period of time to study the session and report back.

What if I have remote workers or someone wants to log in from home?

As each person will need to sign in to access ku.dos, it doesn’t matter where in the world they are, or the time of day as long as your subscription has the capacity to handle that number of staff.

What if I run a temporary recruitment desk or do contract recruitment?

ku.dos has been written with the permanent recruiter in mind. However, many of the sessions and much of the content are highly relevant to the temp and contract sector. For example, approaching candidates, writing adverts and screening candidates will be something every recruiter/resourcer has to do. Similarly, choosing your market, getting past gatekeepers and approaching clients to win business is the role of anyone doing business development.

I’m a resourcer – what if I don’t want the client sessions?

Access the entire material or just one film – it’s your choice. As a resourcer, it would be advantageous to understand more about the client side of things. However, even with just the candidate sessions, including projects, there is 30 hours’ worth of material/work involved.

What if I forget my log in or password details?

There is an automated facility to receive an email enabling you access to reset your details.

If I have a question about something shown or said in the training sessions what should I do?

Email Warren or one of his team and they will endeavour to answer your question within 24 hours. Alternatively, call the contact telephone number and someone will respond or call you back. ku.dos really is world class recruitment training at your finger tips.