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What level of importance do you place on your candidate (customer) service? With more and more recruitment sourcing tools available, and recruiters using the same ones as each other e.g. LinkedIn, it’s fair to say we are all speaking to the same potential candidates. N.B. 96% of recruiters are on LinkedIn.

Multi agency recruitment is a first past the post scenario. Many of us will have the same candidate on the CRM system for the same job as several competitors. So why should that candidate go through you? On the flip side in a candidate led market, why should someone allow you to take them to market when three other recruiters are offering to do the same?

How many times have you heard or said that ‘The Candidate is King’ yet treated them like the King’s footman? And I’m not talking about how wonderfully well you treat the star candidate who is a walking fee, but every candidate who has taken the time to apply for a job or contact you or answered your proactive phone call. Today’s squad player could the star striker in two years’ time. The guy you thought not worthy of any more than a standard ‘thanks but no thanks’ auto response might just have a sister in law who is the HR Manager at your major client.

When was the last time you reviewed your processes and care programme from a candidate view point? Why does the recruitment industry have such mixed reviews from job seekers? The recruitment firm who gives a truly world class service to all its candidates, good and bad, with consistency and with a life time guarantee will mop up. Time to get yourself a CCO to police the standards throughout your business and make 100% satisfaction a KPI.